WHAT IS PC water bottle, Polycarbonate sheeting recycling ?
/ WHAT IS PC water bottle, Polycarbonate sheeting recycling ? /
  • PC water bottle, Polycarbonate sheeting recycling
    1. PC water bottle, Polycarbonate sheeting recycling What is a PC recycling?
      PC (polycarbonate resin, Polycarbonate), having characteristics of high viscosity, to use high pressure, high temperature forming. The residual stress of PC generated in the process is easy to make the product breakage. Due to the high hardness, easy to damage the mold, therefore, the recycling shall be used special design.

      This plastics usually manufactured become water barrels, buckets, hood, CD disk, sheet etc. which can be recycled. After a series of pulverizing, washing, dehydration, and extrusion machine inputting in the process of recycling. For its higher viscosity characteristics, use bracing forming over the water cooling can reduce water absorption, and make a high quality of granulating. To produce particle which is unstuck dust with specially designed vibration screening machine, finally.

      PC has excellent impact strength; it belongs to the engineering grade plastic. Because of its high impact resistance, the finished particles can be mixed with other plastic materials together into a gel, and strengthen its impact resistance, such as PC / ABS. After recovering PC and ABS were mixed to prepare a PC / ABS plastic after closing, it can be put into production lines, processed into a variety of electronic components.

      For the characteristics of the PC, Genius Machinery design team specially designed a plastic recycling plant-wide device with low power consumption, increase production, and quality advantages. Our design acclaimed in the international market.
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