WHAT IS Nylon (Polyamide) recycling ?
/ WHAT IS Nylon (Polyamide) recycling ? /
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    1. Nylon (Polyamide) recycling
      Nylon (Polyamide) is the most common application of PA6, PA66, PA610 and plastic alloy mixed by Polyamide and glass fiber and so on. The robustness and impact resistance of this material is good. Due to its large hardness surface and the friction coefficient is small, it has excellent wear-resistance.

      Nylon (Polyamide) is good for electrical insulation, a chemical resistance and oil resistance. The disadvantage of polyamide is easy to get wet; the finished product will be due to moisture and make the size of the change.

      However, PA610, 612 and 11 and Polyamide copolymer materials such as its low water absorption, it is often used to manufacture wires and cables.

      The Nylon (Polyamide) can be made into plastic products, such as various electrical parts, mechanical parts, and even pipe, automobile parts or put into nylon yarn, made of cloth, through the recycling and granulation.

      As the polyamide mixed with glass fiber raw materials in the recovery, it needs to be used by a high shearing force screw for nylon has a high melting point, into the extrusion machine for re-granulation. In addition, the heating process requires high power consumption.

      The nylon special screw designed by Genius professional team can provide proper shearing force without the need of high power heating ring, at the same time, it can avoid the fracture of the glass fiber caused by the shearing too high, leading to the weakening of the strength.