WHAT IS Hard PVC pipes recycling ?
/ WHAT IS Hard PVC pipes recycling ? /
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    1. Polyvinyl Chloride known as PVC, the material has good water and chemical resistance and good for electrical insulation as well. It is commonly used in the construction, piping and other industrial products, but are not suitable for food, medical use, due to its low heat resistance and produce acid gas.

      PVC melting point is lower, it will become soften in between temperature of 65˚C to 85˚C, completely softened in between temperature of 120˚C to 150˚C, and start to melt when temperature higher than 170˚C. When the temperature exceed more than 190˚C, the PVC will begin thermal cracking and producing corrosive hydrochloric acid gas, this would corrode mold. Therefore, to recycle PVC, it requires a very precise temperature control.

      Usually, the hard PVC pipe length are in between 3M ~ 6M or longer, it is difficult to put into the crusher directly, for this we’ve designed a very unique method, which is to put up a liftable platform on the entrance, it is hydraulic controlled, place the large pipe on the platform tilt it and with gravitational attraction, the pipe will smoothly input to the crusher.

      Crushed PVC materials can input to the extruder directly to make pellets, these pellets are able to be used in other production.